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What is BNP Group!

BNP Group, a group of companies owned by Dr Biswanath Patnaik, a prominent Indian investor with a global outlook. The acronym “BNP” originates from the founder’s name and surname – his initials. BNP Group is committed to achieving sustainable change in various sectors and countries.

BNP Group owner dr Biswanath Patnaik an interview about the investment in ASI BNP Investment Fund
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After joining ASI Gaming Investment Group, Dr. Biswanath Patnaik became the majority shareholder and Chairman. The Fund underwent a transformation, rebranding itself as the BNP Investment Fund and expanded its operations beyond its original focus on video game production. Fund has also established a strategic partnership with BNP Group’s Technology Partner Xpertnest, which possesses essential know-how, expertise, governmental references and an experienced team well-positioned to drive innovation and growth.

Game Development

Technology Parks & Hubs


Film Sector

The Fund is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)-type investment vehicle focused on investing in the creative technologies sector. Positioned to become the largest media fund in Europe. We are strategically focused on several key areas:

Game Development: We invest in established video game production companies that are led by industry experts and have a proven track record of high-quality gaming experiences.

eSports: Recognizing the exponential growth and popularity of eSports, we are committed to investing in this dynamic and exciting sector, supporting teams, leagues and related businesses.

Social Influencer Companies: We recognize the power of social influence in today’s digital age. Our investments target companies that cater to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, the influencers of the future.



Blockchain & Web 3.0