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Mission and Vision

This image creatively visualizes the concept of financial growth and investment. It features a green growth chart that ascends from left to right, symbolizing the increase in financial value. Underneath the chart are stacks of coins, arranged in ascending order, representing capital accumulation. On each stack of coins grows a small tree with green leaves, their size increasing with the stack, suggesting the maturation of investments. On the right side of the image stands a large tree with lush greenery and an intricate root system, standing on the largest stack of coins, symbolizing full financial growth. Beside the large tree is a wooden ladder leaning against its trunk, perhaps as a metaphor for further growth or the achievement of financial goals.

The BNP Investment Fund positions the BNP Group as a frontrunner in creative technology sectors. Our strategic focus lies in identifying growth opportunities and pursuing acquisitions both in Poland and internationally.

Recognizing that innovation flourishes in collaborative ecosystems, we actively cultivate such environments by facilitating collaboration and unlocking synergies within the creative industries, transcending conventional boundaries. We envision a future where the BNP Investment Fund, through strategic investments bridges diverse cultures, connects passionate gamers, visionary creators and technology enthusiasts worldwide. We firmly believe that games and creative technologies sectors hold immense potential to shape a brighter future and in this journey, we aim to make BNP Investment Fund a home where these sectors can grow.

Key Investment Sectors

Game Development

Technology Parks & Hubs


Film Sector